DJ Saint


DJ Saint (Marcel Sinke) has his roots anchored in the Punk-New Wave scene from the early-80s, after which he widened his horizon in the direction of electronic music. 

Fond of travelling as he is, Saint increasingly appeared at underground festivals in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Nijmegen and Eindhoven. Even in Bulgaria he has bring several parties to a new high from behind the turntables. After having rocked the roof several times with his energetic and surprising Electro-sets at the Effenaar in Eindhoven during parties like TechNoNonsense and Kortsluiting, it was inevitable that he was enlisted in the – by then already – renown Zodiak Commune. Since his debut as a Zodiak Commune DJ in 1999, his other musical loves called Techno, Acid, and Schranz increasingly flourished and fused together with his – perhaps by his travels to and through the Far East – fueled passion for Goa. His three editions of Orkapot were the proof for this, as he made the Techno-heads go berserk on the Goa and Goa-freaks loose it all to Schranz.

Visitors of Zodiak Commune and parties and festivals like Back2Basic, Orkapot Open Oor, Pinksterparty, STRP Festival can confirm: Saint takes you on an adventure full of passion and surprising twists over and over again, resulting in an unpredictable climax.