The Eindhoven organization Zodiak Commune has already been raging around the region for 20 years and counting, but also in Amsterdam, Breda, Rotterdam, Zwolle and Nijmegen the Acid virus has struck mercilessly over and over again. Many seasoned Acid Freaks and Techno Heads hold Zodiak Commune responsible for the second wave of Acid, Techno and Electro-parties with legendary parties like Acid Rain, Acid Virus, Liquid Foundation and of course the annual Queensday Festival (nowadays Acid Orange) in the heart of Eindhoven, visited by many thousands of underground fanatics throughout the day, every year again. Check the video compilation of the 2011 edition here:

In recent years, the DJs of Zodiak Commune were regularly to be found in the regional pop venues like 013 in Tilburg, the Effenaar in Eindhoven and W2 in Den Bosch during the Analog Dialogue tour. But also during parties like Oud Op Nieuw, TAG: Festival, the annual intimate mini-festival Tacnival and Update 2.0.12 in the historical Natlab the real underground fanatic`s heart is being touched over and over again. With bookings at Mysteryland, Awakenings, Pinksterparty, FYWFE, Ground Zero Festival, Fantasy Island and STRP Festival the Zodiak Commune DJs have definitely left their marks on the Dutch underground scene.

The DJs of Zodiak Commune are all-rounders, but each with their own style and influences, varying from Minimal and Electro to Drum `n Bass and Schranz and from Acid and Techno to Tekno and Acidtechno. They can all be booked individual, but you can also book them as a collective, supported by the whole organization for a welcome surprising evening in Zodiak Commune style. Please refer to our Artists & Bookings page for more information and contact details.